About Us

Welcome to Immense Energy

Founded in 2019, Immense Energy (PTY) Ltd is a fully Namibian owned company with the aim of providing clean energy solutions and clean transportation solutions.

We believe in saving our planet and we want to combat climate change hence the establishment of our company. We are continuously in search of the cleanest and smartest ways of producing, storing and using our energy. Sustainable energy is the way forward and we want to play our part in making it viable and the go to energy solution.

We are the first Electric Vehicle charger manufacturers in the country. We are looking to accelerate the EV adoption in Namibia, so that by the year 2025 our roads have a great number of EVs and by the year 2035 40% of the cars on the road should be Electric. We have ambitious plans in place to achieve these goals and to ensure that Namibia stays on par with the rest of the world. We have one of the best road networks on the continent, electrifying them adds to an already impressive transportation system. Here at Immense we believe that if Namibia as a nation is to be one of the first movers on the continent in this EV revolution, we will put ourselves in a market leader position and encourage direct foreign investments.

We strive for a clean Namibia, a clean air means healthier bodies and good climate. Droughts and floods have devastated Namibia in recent years, let us take a step towards ensuring that we combat climate change.

Who We are

We Are Immense

We want to drive the charge towards clean energy and clean transportation in Namibia.

Immense Energy (PTY) Ltd is focused on green energy solutions, including electric urban transportation and renewable electricity storage as part of a sustainable eco-system, to be applied countrywide to promote environmentally responsible urban development here in Namibia.

Our Poducts

We have a wide range of products to meet all your EV charging needs as an individual or organisation. We have your best EV charging solution. When it comes to the generation of renewable energy, storage and use, we are your best solution.

Charging Networks

Manage all your public chargers with one app,
set prices and view the status of all your public chargers remotely. Your customers can also easily locate your chargers via an app.

  • Easy to use
  • Convinient
  • Intergrated payment systems
  • Secure

Celectric M Pro

The M Pro is Ideal for semi-public and public areas,
owning one of these is a huge investment, with a potential of yielding endless profits. These are suitable for entreprenuers who would like to serve the EV community.

  • Vandal Proof Metal Body

    Tough metal body to protect against vandalism.

  • Easy Installation & Service

    Easy to install and to service.

  • Remote SW Update

    Software updates can be done remotely.

  • Dynamic Load Management

    The load can be managed via Ethernet, WiFi, or OCPP.

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Diagnostics can be done remotely.

  • Upgrade Ready

    This charger is ready for future upgrades.

  • Up To 22kW

    22kW 32A 400V AC, Type 2 Chargers.

  • Ellegant Design

    This charger has a touch of class and is designed to complement classy places.